Tea Filter Basket

Fine Precision & Stainless Steel  

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Take precision tea steeping to new heights with this fine stainless steel tea basket. Numerous micro holes line the walls of this structured metal filter allowing for three critical processes that lead to great tasting tea: 1) cross-flow in a large volume basket releases full bodied tea infusions, 2) fine filtering so that even the smallest leaf bits and herbals, like rooibos, don't escape into your infusion, and 3) rapid draining when your infusion is complete allows for precise steeping and re-steeping. Go ahead and turn any mug into your tea mug, and start steeping like a boss!


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Handle for easy removal
  • Large capacity. Dimensions: 3.5" exterior rim diameter x 2.25" height
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Infuser fits: standard mugs and many teapots, Mod Teapot, Steeping Mug, Steeping Cup, & Travel Tea Mug

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Price: $7.95
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Make sure you carefully check the opening of your tea pot, I didn't and the tea filter basket is too big for my pot. Guess I'll be using it in a mug. The filter basket is excellent quality. Janice M.—Janice M
I was tired of scrapping the leaves out of my tea pot after brewing loose leaf tea and sometimes getting leaves in my poured tea so I got this item. It does keep the big leaves out but some smaller ones do get thru. The biggest disapointment I have with this item is that you need a wide mouth teapot or you are only brewing a single cup. I like to brew a 2-3 cup pot of tea which my teapot holds nice and warm but this filter doesn't fit into it. I am presently using a glass 20 oz cup to hold the filter while the tea brews and then pouring it carefully into the teapot to pour into the cup I drink out of, making the purpose of the filter obsolete. I now have to buy a wide month teapot to eliminate the extra step. It does say on site that it fits many teapots and standard mugs but forgets to mention WIDE MOUTH teapots—Maria Rose
No tea leaves at the bottom of my cup! Steeps perfectly with great water circulation, but holes are small enough to keep tea from escaping. —Maggie