Tea Samplers offer a great introduction to our loose tea collection. You can choose from tea sampler sets of loose green teas, black teas, herbals, & organics. Our original tea samplers includes 6 mini tins of single-estate teas as well as our most popular signature blends. Each tin makes over five 8-oz servings of tea. Every mini tin set comes with a card of tea tasting notes and steeping instructions, making them adorable tea gifts. Individual mini tins can also be purchased for a number of teas. Alternatively, you can experience a wide variety of teas with our monthly Tea Subscription Box.

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  1. The Tea Spot Subscription Box

    The Tea Spot Subscription Box

    Product Rating:
    Price: $15.95

    Your senses will swoon each month as you enjoy a variety of whole leaf teas harvested from world-renowned tea estates as well as handcrafted signature blends. Every shipment includes 5-6 loose leaf teas paired with the current season & arrives in a cute box with a tea education postcard. Your first box includes a Tuffy Steeper to get you started. Learn More
  2. Black Tea Sampler

    Black Tea Sampler

    Product Rating:
    Price: $25.95

    This set includes 6 mini tins, filled with the following teas: Earl of Grey, Mango Tango, Bolder Breakfast, Keemun, Ceylon, & Assam. We've combined 3 of our signature black tea blends and 3 traditional single-origin black teas from China (keemun), Sri Lanka (ceylon), and India (assam). The regional styles of growing and preparing black teas will be evident in the diversity of flavors and aromas you'll experience. Net tea wt: 5.2 oz Learn More
  3. Chai Tea Sampler

    Chai Tea Sampler

    Product Rating:
    Price: $29.95

    Our new Chai Tea Sampler set includes six mini tins filled with deliciously unique chai spiced blends: Climber's High Chai, Coconut Crush Chai, Pumpkin Spice Chai, Mile High Chai, Red Hot Chai, and Organic Turmeric Tonic. Warm up from within while sipping handcrafted teas blended with real cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, nutmeg, and other authentic spices. Learn More
  4. Green Tea Sampler, Organic

    Green Tea Sampler, Organic

    Product Rating:
    Price: $19.95

    Fresh, healthy tea has never been so easy. Our Organic Green Tea Sampler includes the world’s most beloved steamed, pan-fired and powdered green tea styles. This collection presents all handcrafted teas, carefully curated with a range in tastes from subtle and aromatic, to buttery, nutty and grassy. You'll get 20 generously portioned whole leaf tea packets in a wrapped set of five boxes.The diversity of flavors, aromas, and leaves will amaze you. Net tea wt: 1.9 oz Learn More
  5. Herbal Tea Sampler

    Herbal Tea Sampler

    Product Rating:
    Price: $27.95

    Includes 6 mini tins, with the following caffeine-free herbals: Red Rocks, Chamomile, Peppermint Tea, Organic Lights Out, Blood Orange Smoothie, & Red Hot Chai. Herbal medicine, whose 4000-year old history is even far more ancient than tea, suggests many benefits. Net tea wt: 4.5 oz Learn More
  6. Iced Tea Sampler

    Iced Tea Sampler

    Product Rating:
    Price: $29.95

    6 mini tins filled with our best iced teas: Mango Tango, Boulder Blues, 3pm Flat Belly, Blue Mountain Nilgiri, Jasmine Petals, and Red Rocks. This set offers a variety for any mood or time of day and will thrill iced tea drinkers, from beginners to connoisseurs. Learn More
  7. Organic Tea Sampler

    Organic Tea Sampler

    Product Rating:
    Price: $26.95

    6 mini tins, filled with organic teas: Monkey-Picked White, New Moon Darjeeling, Assam, Clouds & Mist, Sencha, and Lights Out. Each is stunning on its own. The set offers a gorgeous variety, fit for any mood or time of day. Will please tea newbies and pros alike. Net tea wt: 4.6 oz Learn More
  8. Signature Tea Sampler

    Signature Tea Sampler

    Product Rating:
    Price: $27.95

    6 mini tins: Boulder Blues, Meditative Mind, Earl of Grey, Bolder Breakfast, Climber's High, & Blood Orange Smoothie. This is the perfect intro to The Tea Spot’s exquisite quality & handcrafted style, with our best-selling tea blends from each varietal. Net tea wt: 4.9 oz Learn More
  9. Connoisseur Tea Sampler

    Connoisseur Tea Sampler

    Product Rating:
    Price: $34.95

    Let your mind wander to the far edges of the world as your palate explores each rare and limited tea in this collection. The diverse flavors, aromas, and appearance of the leaves will amaze you. Each sip will transport you to the tea gardens, from the southernmost island of Japan to Sri Lanka, then to China's Yunnan and Fujian Provinces, where the craft of tea has been perfected for thousands of years. Learn More
  10. Iced Tea Set

    Iced Tea Set

    Product Rating:
    Price: $59.95

    Screaming deal on a fresh iced tea set! Get our Steep & Chill iced tea maker and our iced tea sampler set, for an automatic 33% OFF. This iced tea maker let you steep & serve fresh iced tea or spa water without diluting the flavor. Includes 6 mini tins filled with our best iced teas. Learn More
  11. Loose Tea Starter Set

    Loose Tea Starter Set

    Product Rating:
    Price: $21.95

    Good news for back to school: Get in gear with Climber’s High. Feeling stressed? Soothe your mind & body with Red Rocks.When the work’s done, Chocolate Cherry Bomb makes a perfect reward. Steep them with the Tuffy Steeper, designed to fit with most mugs. Learn More
  12. Platinum Tea Flight

    Platinum Tea Flight

    Product Rating:
    Price: $8.95

    Savor every facet of this delicious tea tour. It takes you on a journey of artisanal whole leaf varietals from lush tea gardens around the globe. Explore our carefully curated selection of organic Assam, Sencha, and mint as well as our top-selling blends in black and green tea varieties. Let your taste buds take flight! Learn More
  13. Signature Experience Sachet Set

    Signature Experience Sachet Set

    Product Rating:
    Price: $35.95

    Our Signature Experience features our quintessential blends: Boulder Blues, Meditative Mind, Earl of Grey, Bolder Breakfast and Climber's High. Each luscious blend is carefully handcrafted in Boulder, Colorado, using full leaf teas, florals, herbs, and spices. 60 servings. Automatic bundled savings! Learn More
  14. Functional Botanical Sachet Set

    Functional Botanical Sachet Set

    Product Rating:
    Price: $36.95

    Live a life fueled by tea with this tempting set of organic blends of teas and herbs. This collection includes five boxes of 12 biodegradable sachets: Organic Morning Mojo, Organic Keep Fit, Organic Natural Glow, Organic Turmeric Tonic and Organic Lights Out. 60 servings. Automatic bundled savings! Learn More
  15. Green Leaf Tea Collection

    Green Leaf Tea Collection

    Price: $50.95

    Known for their rich antioxidants, pure green teas are an experience you can savor for their super fine taste. These teas hail from pristine gardens in Japan and China, and come with suggested steeping instructions to help you infuse the perfect cup of naturally sweet, grassy, and floral goodness. This collection contains four large tins of tea in a fun gift-worthy carrier! Learn More
  16. Best-Sellers "Colorado" Collection

    Best-Sellers "Colorado" Collection

    Price: $49.95

    We’ve dubbed our best-selling signature teas the “Colorado” collection, since so many of our teas are inspired by the incredible nature and majestic peaks which surround us. You can take these teas on your next outdoor adventure or snuggle up with a mug in front of the fireplace. Includes four full-size tins of tea in a fun gift-worthy carrier! Learn More
  17. Signature Tea Collection

    Signature Tea Collection

    Product Rating:
    Price: $85.00

    Enjoy 8 of our signature tea blends for over 15% OFF. Each tin includes a recommended steeping guide to remove the guess work. The 8 Signature Teas include: Coconut Cabana, Earl of Grey, Meditative Mind, Pink Rose Lemonade, Blood Orange Smoothie, Bolder Breakfast, Boulder Blues, & Climber's High. Learn More
  18. Organic Tea Collection

    Organic Tea Collection

    Product Rating:
    Price: $110.00

    A stunning collection of our best-selling organic teas in elegant and functional air-tight tins for over 10% OFF the price of the items combined! The set includes 8 organic whole leaf teas: Sencha Green, English Breakfast, Black Pu'erh, Iron Goddess Oolong, Jasmine Petals, Lights Out, Natural Glow, and Organic Matcha. Learn More
  19. Energy Tea Cleanse

    Energy Tea Cleanse

    Price: $12.95

    Kickstart your metabolism with our supercharged Energy Tea Cleanse. Each of these three teas will give you a grounding boost of caffeine and a healthy dose of antioxidants to push you to the next level of fitness. These blends feature two mighty green teas including the superfood matcha, and a robust blend with black tea and aged pu'erh to get you jumping out of bed in the morning. This cleanse contains three teas with 5 easy to use packets of each: Rise & Chai, Citrus Boost, and Matcha. Learn More
  20. Gentle Tea Cleanse

    Gentle Tea Cleanse

    Price: $12.95

    Ease your body into a healthier lifestyle with our Gentle Tea Cleanse! These three herbal teas are naturally caffeine-free and formulated specifically to help you detox your body and fortify your soul with nourishing ingredients like rooibos, barley, hibiscus, rose, and chamomile. This cleanse contains three teas with 5 easy to use packets of each: Tea Break, Flat Belly, and Twilight Rose. Learn More