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The Steeping Cup is a modern gaiwan rendition - with cup, infuser, and lid handcrafted in porcelain. The cup contours sit comfortably in your hands - making these cups ideal for white and green teas steeped at less than boiling temperatures. The large-volume infuser allows room for leaf teas to unfurl and release their full flavor and aroma into the brew. Porcelain allows the natural taste of the loose leaf tea shine while the white glaze inside every cup shows off the natural color of the brew. The Steeping Cup allows you to serve your family and friends single servings of tea to suit their individual tastes.


  • Handcrafted ceramic tea cup
  • Lid doubles as saucer for the infuser
  • Lead-free & Cadmium-free
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Capacity: 10 oz ceramic cup

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Price: $20.95

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In an ideal world, I would use a chinese gaiwan to prepare my tea, but with our modern time and space constraints, this is the next best thing. The all ceramic infuser is wonderful. I have found it difficult to find porcelain or ceramic infusers that have such small holes. While they do clog with tea leaves, allow time to let the leaves dry and wither and they simply fall out on their own. Regardless, the clog rate is so low it never affects the discharge of the tea when straining. The handleless design keeps me from burning my mouth. Cup to hot to hold, to hot to drink. ;) I find this cup practicable for all tea types. Its great for watching oolong teas unfold, keeps the delicate flavor of jasmine green teas, and fills the room with smoky aroma of Lapsang Souchong when you lift the straining basket. The bone white interior displays magnificently the colors of red & black teas, but even makes delicate green teas look grandiose. I love this product so much, I replaced it instantly when I broke the strainer basket, and bought the mug style for a friend as a housewarming gift and intro to loose leaf tea. I also use this cup when I rarely drink bagged tea, as the infuser is a great way to strain out tag/stringless tea bags. I also place the infuser directly on my tea tray to rinse/awaken fine teas. -Cheers—Jah-T
Great mug!!!! I'll be ordering another to share with the wife.(maybe).—greg
I use this steeping cup for cold brewing jasmine pearls and it's absolutely perfect for the job. It makes the process a breeze, from the initial rinsing of the pearls to the multiple infusions I steep throughout the day. It's not the best for regular Steeping, as the cup gets way too hot even at white tea steeping temperatures. Go with the similar handled mug for hot tea. For cold brewing, though, I can't recommend this cup enough! —Sockbert
This is my favorite cup. I like to resteep my leaves over and over and drink three or more cups of the same leaves over the course of an evening. Whoever invented the lid that doubles as a saucer was a GENIUS. It lets me set aside the steeping basket while I drink and when the cup is empty I just pop it back in and add more water. The cup gets hot, like all cups, but I actually find the warmth emanating into my hands to be part of its charm. I highly recommend it. —Kyra
What a fantastic cup this is. It's shaped just like a gaiwan but holds more liquid. It has a removable filter/strainer which then sits neatly into the the upside down placed lid, so there is no mess or trying to find something to place the strainer on after brewing. The cup is so easy and convenient to use. Once you sit down to relax you don't have to get up and go back to the kitchen. This is a very well thought out product. I can't stop using it now. Going to order one for my daughter.—Tracy
Write a review...—Lavenia Malesich
I was looking for a cup like this for quite a while so whaen i bumped into this site and saw it I ordered one right away. I am glad that steepware is available to make brewing the perfect cuppa a conveinient and enjoyable expeirience—quiltedkat
This mug is the best, easiest way to make a spot of tea. Good quality, beautiful color. I use ours everyday. A perfect gift for any tea lover.—Shay Kamme
I just received my Steeping Cup. It is very well made and I even more so enjoyed steeping my teas. The ONLY downfall is that the cup gets EXTREMELY HOT and you cant handle it untill its cool. I am returning it and ordering the mug with a handle!!!—Cory Tanner
I just received my Steeping Cup. It is very well made and I even more so enjoyed steeping my teas. The ONLY downfall is that the cup gets EXTREMELY HOT and you cant handle it untill its cool. I am returning it and ordering the mug with a handle!!!—Cory Tanner
This cup is so awesome. Perfect for steeping my tea. The design is fun, well made, neat and clean. The cup gets hot but I hold it from the top so really I find no problem with it at all. I will also get others so that my family and friends can enjoy such a fun cup and great tasting teas as i do.—Preston
This little cup is perfect if you don't want to make a big pot, which is how I usually ended up wasting so much tea since I am the only tea drinker in my house. So this cup is almost perfect, just wish it had a handle. It can get a little hot on the outside, but I grab it from the top anyways so it's not a huge deal to me, but so someone else it might be.—Michelle
Received this yesterday. Really like it and enjoy its function and style. Will probably order another for others. Nicely made and like the fact that its advertised as lead free.—Craig
I love these tea steeping cups. And how cool to read about the company they come from. They used to carry them in our Whole Foods, and I've given them as gifts to all my tea-drinking friends. Beautiful quality of workmanship, and I love your story!—Cindy
The perfect vessel for my greens, whites, and oolongs. The large infuser allows plenty of room for the leaves to unfurl and I enjoy the smaller portion that thsi vessel yields... particularly with the aforementioned teas. This system allows for "gong-fu-like" preparation one cup at a time. —Robbie C.