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Our best selling teaware! This loose tea mug with infuser and lid is masterfully handcrafted in porcelain. It's a modern tea mug that allows you to brew leaf tea as easily as a tea bag, but with more style and better taste. The large-volume infuser allows room for loose tea leaves to unfurl and release their full flavor and aroma into the brew. The lid keeps your tea hot while steeping and doubles as a saucer for the infuser when you're done steeping. And the handle keeps your hands cool while sipping hot tea. The Steeping Mug is the ideal companion to steep, and resteep, tea throughout the day.


  • Handcrafted ceramic tea mug
  • Lid doubles as saucer for the infuser
  • Lead-free & Cadmium-free
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Capacity: 16 oz tea mug

Price: $23.95

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This is the first steeping mug I bought and I still use it. It's beautiful. —Angie
I LOVE this mug so much I bought another one for myself to keep at my office and one for a friend. The shape is amazing. Fits well in the hand and the rim is perfect for sipping from. Adding the lid makes the flavor of the tea so much better. Highly recommend!—Viveca Phelps
I received my new mug a couple days ago and have used it a lot since. I love the appearance, and it works as advertised, but I have some qualms. The lid was designed with no good way to use the 'grip knob' on top. It seems to have been designed for women or children, but not for a male with bigger fingers. It's an accident waiting to happen. My other complaint deals with the base of the cup. Namely, the small size of it in relation to the cup diameter.. Another accident waiting to happen. Other than the two complaints, I really like my new cup, and hope that it's still around next year.—Rick
I haven't seen anyone else with this issue, but when I made my loose leaf tea with it, a lot of it escaped the filter, so there's a ton of sediment at the bottom. I don't know if this is because my tea was ground too fine or what, but this was a big disappointment.—Caitlin Hulshizer
I absolutely love this Mug. I have given it as gifts with great success and find that it is a real delight to use. It is very stylish, fun to use, and easy to clean. It is great for those days when I do not want to make a whole pot of tea. I also want to mention that it is very light weight. I was expecting the mug to be fairly heavy but was delightfully surprised to the contrary. I would recommend this Mug to anyone who enjoys loose leaf teas. It is worth the money and you will cherish it every time you use it.—Umbreona
I have the same issue as Caitlin concerning some of the sediment finding its way out of the filter, especially with fine teas such as the Red Rocks Rooibos tea. Despite having sediment at the bottom, I drink the tea until I get to the bottom and then poor the tiny amount left out into the sink. I would not recommend this cup to someone who drinks a lot of finer teas because it will all end up at the bottom of the mug.—Miles Brenchley
I bought this steeping mug and it came with 2 tins of the tea spot tea. i was a bag tea drinker prior to receiving this mug and loose teas, and now i am hooked on loose tea! this mug is so much fun to use and i think it is so important to have the large capacity it holds so the tea has room to really release their flavors and the lid is important as it really allows the flavors to steam in there and brew a perfect cup of tea everytime!—Nicole Kohler
Bought this for my husband as he is an advid tea drinker. He has commented that the smaller tea leaves seep through the steeper and end up at the bottom of the cup.—Daphyne Foster
This mug is amazing! Makes steeping loose leaf teas a breeze. The cup is also great quality, and perfect size!—Holly Raiche
Great product! Very pretty to look at and makes great tea!—Meredith Frank
Would love to see a larger version of this.—Bob
This mug is fantastic. It feels great in the hand. Makes steeping tea a breeze. I absolutely love this mug and will most likely be buying another one.—Cay
This steepware mug is the most spectacular tea accessory product I have ever seen. Not only is it a work of art but it creates the most fabulous and fun user tea experience. An experience that you look forward to every day... Great job!!!—Carl H.
I use this everyday in my dorm. It's really easy to clean, and it's great for making good tea.—Than