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Experience our new tea subscription box! Your senses will swoon each month when a new variety of whole leaf teas are delivered to your doorstep. Our teas feature world-renowned tea estates as well as signature blends handcrafted by us here in Boulder, Colorado. Each monthly shipment includes five to six loose leaf teas distinctly paired with the current season, and arrives in a cute box with a tea education postcard.


  • Each box contains 5-6 different teas paired with the current season. Enjoy over 25 servings of tea each month!
  • Learn more about tea with monthly educational postcards
  • Tuffy Steeper included in initial shipment
  • Bonus Steepware® in select shipments throughout the year
  • Dishware pictured not included

The Details: Please note, each shipment is a "blind box" — no sneak peeks, no substitutions, just pure anticipation. This bundled set is excluded from further discounts. Your monthly box will ship out on the same day of the month you placed your initial order. Your card will be charged $15.95 (+shipping) upon sending each month. You can cancel any time by logging into your account, or contact us for help. We hope you LOVE it!

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I have beeen a tea lover since I can remember, but this subscription box really satisfies my yearning for variety. I have a tea cabinet that was loaded with large amounts of loose leaf teas from two other competitors. Several months ago, I underwent an emergency surgery which put me out of work for a month. Before the surgery, I drank lots of really strong coffee and the withdrawal from the coffee while recovering from the surgery was pretty horrible, so I proceeded to drink all my tea up in my cabinet. But it was the same teas over and over....blech. Two weeks in to my leave of absence, I found this subscription and joined. The package was shipped right away and I was pleased to see that each sample yielded 5 or more cups of tea! And since many of them were green teas, I could steep them a second time. I actually noticed as I tried cold brewing the teas that the teas were cleaner than the competitors. I ended up dumping most of those teas that were left as their cold brew teas looked pretty gross with silt floating in it. Good thing one of those expensive tea companies are out of business! It looked very unappetizing. (I never thought about cold brewing until The Tea Spot, now I cold brew every day). I have been satisfied with every shipment I have received so far and now that I'm back to work, I don't usually finish a subscription box at the end of the month. But the best thing is that I get a great variety of teas. I have been buying larger quantities of teas I really like to re-stock my cupboard, but I have to say, the quality of The Tea Spot is far superior to that of S**** and the now closed down tea store. —Lisa
This is THE BEST subscription box ever! Every month I get 5 or 6 teas that can each last for at least 5 servings. I get to try so many new teas, often teas that I would not have picked out on my own (like the Chocolate Cherry Bomb that is so good!). For $16/month I get a month's worth of tea. The only bad thing about it is I can't always keep up with all the samples! I never finish a box before the next one shows up (which is definitely not a bad thing!). I am learning a lot about what kinds of teas I like and what kinds I don't. I've gotten some teas that I thought I wouldn't like from reading the descriptions, but ended up loving! I'm keeping a list of the best ones to order once I have enough room for more tea in my tea cabinet!—Sav
I've just received my first box & am very pleased. The tuffy steeper is wonderful as well. —rex
I ordered this with my husband concerned I wouldn't like most of what I received. When I opened my first box I was surprised at seeing Earl of Grey at the start. I don't care for "store bought" earl Grey. I did however give it a try and now me and my husband fought over the last cup in the sample package. I enjoyed the chai that came in it as well, those two were my favorites in the box. I can't wait for the next one to arrive.—Rivenfae
I love getting this once a month! It's like a little surprise at the end of eat month. Each one is a perfect size for a pot. I save the packets of the ones I really like to order later—Lois
This is my 3rd monthly Tea Spot subscription box.. I look forward to receiving this each month.. It’s enabled me to try teas that I would never have thought to try.. I now have some new favorites.. Love that there are so many varieties..—Monthly Subscription
I have now received my second box and I’m so pleased that a random google search lead me to The Tea Spot. I have been surprised each month and pleasantly surprised to find new teas that I wouldn’t have tried. —Rondi
It has been so much fun to receive “mystery” teas the last few months! We have enjoyed trying the new (to us) ones and have been able to share our favorites with friends! I don’t usually sign up for any monthly kinds of deals, but this one is a keeper!—Lynette
I am 3 months into my subscription and I am so pleased. The variety of teas are great, and I’ve found some new favorites. The subscription box is a great gift too. I set it up a 3-month subscription for a friend, she has really enjoyed it. —Lisa
I'm so glad I signed up for this box! It showed up 2 days after I placed my order, and was filled with teas I never would have chosen myself. I've enjoyed the three I've tried so far, and now can taste a bunch of new teas every month, at a super reasonable cost. The steeper was a nice bonus, but I already had a loose leaf teapot, so I'll save this one for a trip. Thank you! —Vera