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TUFFY TEA STEEPER is our silicone tea infuser designed for travel, easy storage, and making loose tea to-go. As seen on Dr. Oz's 2011 holiday Hot List, this durable, expandable, reusable, loose leaf tea steeper fits most mugs and teapots. The lid doubles as a saucer to hold the drips from the brewing basket when your tea is steeped. It's perfect for making gourmet loose tea while traveling. From camping to hotels, you can now make loose tea anytime, anywhere.


  • Food-Grade silicone tea infuser
  • Heat & stain resistant
  • BPA-free & Dishwasher-safe
  • Durable & Compact
  • Lightweight: 2 oz (57 g)
  • Dimensions: inner rim diameter = 2.5", outer rim diameter = 3.5", height = 3.3" *
  • * Folds down to 1" flat
  • Mug in picture not included

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So excited about this. Bought bunches to pair with samples. My grandkids are tea drinkers and these will make perfect stocking stuffers.—Jean M
Hi, My order came fast! Love the quality of this item. Have not tried it, a gift for my cousin. But I’m sure she will love it. —DMW
Nothing quite compares to the flavor and quality in loose leaf tea, but finding an infuser to go with it is difficult. For a long time I've been using the "Mr.Tea" infuser because the metal ones tend to add a weird flavor in my opinion; but that infuser is difficult to clean out. While I agree with some that smaller teas WILL go through, these holes are a lot smaller and plentiful than I expected them to be which I am happy for. This is also a lot easier to clean and the collapsible aspect is a complete blessing for taking in my bag.—Alesia
Wow, I really wanting to like this item. But there is barely and water transfer thru the holes. So water doesn't circulate to brew tea or allow you to drain tea when you pull it out. —gy
I wanted to love this product. I loved the orange, and waited until I used it a long time but It is not all that great. It is hard to clean, surprisingly -- the holes are easily plugged. It floats around in my mugs and so it can be tippy. And I thot to use it in my teapot but it is too big for my teapot opening so sits about 3/4 inch above -- though that is what i will use it for.—Kate
So I picked up my tuffy in blueberry yesterday. It is so beautiful. I'm sure it works wonderful with larger tea leaves such as the Jasmine Pearls. However, my first use was with rooibos and the leaves were too small for the tuffy. I have bits floating in my tea. Wish I could use the tuffy for all my seeping needs but will have to find an alternative for some of my teas. :(—LucMac1
I love this steeper! It's simple to use and clean, and it fits in all my favorite mugs. I'm ordering a second one for my husband.—SCY
I was so excited when I found this steeper! As soon as I opened the box I washed it and tried it out. It makes using loose leaf tea so much easier. I plan on buying another one for making tea at work and a few more to give out as gifts for the tea drinkers in my family.—Kathy
I wanted to love this but was disappointed. It floats around in our cups and tips and is annoying. I think it needs to be used in a teacup made for it! —dkate
Really like the concept of this little thing. I got it so I could make tea on my breaks at work. The only problem I have is there is the residual flavor and smell of smoke from lapsang souchong, which I just recently tried and I'm not too fond of. I mostly drink green tea so this is a problem. My advice would be to only use for one type of tea. —Wes
I used to use small mesh tea balls, but after reading about how the leaves can't unfurl all the way, I've switched to solely using my Tuffy Steeper. I've bought them for presents for other tea drinkers with great feedback as well. I use my daily at home and plan on getting one for work. The tea seems to stain the white plastic part, after constant use, but this doesn't affect its function. Leaves from some of the finer teas like sencha and Red Rocks can get stuck in the holes, but the rubber material makes it easy to push them out. Overall, I've had no complaints and plan on continuing to use the steeper every day. —AmandaW
I keep one at home and at work, and ordering a third for my purse! At work I get asked all the time where I got it, because when I'm steeping my Climbers High.. the aroma sends everyone my way!! great item to have on hand everywhere!!—Lonnie
This steeper is nice because its portable, easy to use and cleans up relatively easy. Gunk does get stuck in the cracks, which doesn't come out easily. But overall I'm pleased with the ability to brew loose leaf tea on the go—Monica
not deep enough and not enough holes at really steep the tea leaves. Horribly difficult to clean. One and out.—JD
I've tried a variety of steepers. The metal kind tend to be messy, smaller, and hard to fill. I've had others that the leaves escape through the holes. This is worth getting for your loose Leaf so they unfurl all the way and give you more and better steeps. —Elle
I of course got PURPLE (Violet) it fits right into my mugs and no leaves escape LOL. it folds right up for easy storage and travel. I am going to buy a few more for guests and my hubby. —D McCraw
Awesome little steeper. couldn't be anymore satisfied. —Lexi
This is the best infuser I have found. I love that the round disk can be used to keep the heat in when placed on top of the infuser, and then can be used to keep drips off the counter top. I do have one slight problem with the infuser though. I use a Thermos King travel mug for my tea, to keep it hot all morning. The infuser is too wide to fit down into this mug. There is a line in the mug that if liquid goes above this line the mug will leak when the top is screwed on. I have also found that this infuser fits better in a mug with a wider mouth or top to it. To solve this I use the infuser in an Ingenuitea steeping mug and it fits perfectly in that. I love this infuser so much that I will be purchasing another one for myself and one for my daughter for her birthday. Many of the infusers I have tried there isn't room for the tea leaves to really expand and unfurl but this is not a problem with the Tuffy Steeper. If you don't have one of these I would suggest you buy one and try it out!—z3
I love it! I love how it comes in many different colors! Folds up easy to travel with. Easy to clean and steeps and amazing cup of TheTheSpot's loose tea! Even my husband loves it! Don't miss out on this steeper! Ohh and its dishwasher safe! :) Happy sipping everyone! —Amber
Excellent for travel, work or home. And love the colors!—Angie
I've been using my Tuffy Steeper for a few months now and I absolutely love it. I use it at home, take it to work and even take it on the road when I travel for work. Does a great job - easy to clean and soooo easy to store with how compact it folds up. amazing product!—Michael H
I really like this little steeper for travel! I love how it can fold into the full size or a smaller size for a shallow cup. One suggestion: Not sure why the little handle faces inwards? Maybe to keep the lid in place?i If the lid ring was set in a little deeper into the infuser, you wouldn't need the handle to face inwards, instead the handle could face outwards and act as a handle and a hook to hang onto large cups - and it wouldn't get in the way of the lid. Great product though!—Julie L
I just got mine yesterday and it fit's perfectly in my larger mug!! I LOVE IT!! I was unsure as the holes seemed too small to allow the water to flow through easily, but it's perfect!!—Carrie
I just got mine yesterday and it fit's perfectly in my larger mug!! I LOVE IT!! I was unsure as the holes seemed too small to allow the water to flow through easily, but it's perfect!!—Carrie
Nice steeper. Easy to clean ad stores flat. Like the topper it comes with to keep tea hot while brewing.—Stacy
LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! That's all I can say about it.—Ashley
Completely sold after one use...this is the best little gadget I've ever bought! Love how it collapses to store flat, love the lid to hold in heat while steeping and to hold the steeper when removed from the cup, love the color and quality, love the ease of use, love everything! So glad I bought an extra to take to work and share with my other tea loving co-workers. BUY IT!—Linda Povlock
This is a really nice Steeping Gadget to have, it is very easy to use, convenient and no mess. I would recommend this to friends :)—Tommy Mulligan
I have the blueberry steeper -- very nice. I make several pots of tea every day and it's holding up well. It really lets the tea leaves unfurl, so the tea seems to taste even better.—Carole Blaney
Awesome product. Great to travel with. I was in Victoria BC over the summer and went into a tea shop that has been around for over 100 years and they were selling the Tuffy Steeper! Made me smile.—Jenn F
These simply designed steepers are fabulous. The tea is truly able to unfurl and release all it's yummy flavors. It travels great and fits almost every mug. My only complaint is that sometimes the tea leaves get stuck in the holes. I have two, the pink and the strawberry and I don't notice it as much with the strawberry red, but it still occurs. I also notice a big difference when I use high quality teas like those from the tea spot versus low quality loose teas where you end up with a ton of debris in the mug. Makes my tea taste wonderful!—Amy L
I love this little steeper! It's so much easier to use and clean than a tea ball. And doesn't seem to wear out or stain at all. I use it every day :)—Molly
This is my favorite travel tool. It folds so small, and the lid sticks in place with the steeper, making great tea on the road a no-brainer. Easy to use, easy to clean. Cool stuff TeaSpot!—Alan G
I had planned a solo camping trip this past weekend and was hoping my new teas and my "Tuffy" would arrive before I left. About an hour before I took off for the mountains Friday, the UPS driver showed up with my package, just in time for me to rip open the box and stash my new treasures in my backpack. Once I got to the campsite, I strung up my little portable hammock, pulled out my book, and steeped a mug of "Meditative Mind" using my new Tuffy collapsible steeper. It was sheer bliss, surrounded in the serenity of nature with my new brew!—Suzanne Anthony