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I just ordered this white wedding tea - WOW! It is beautiful! Now I know what I will get my clients for Christmas 2013! Great Job!!! Thank You! –Kathie Johnson
Oh my... Celestia would approve. The first thing that hits you is how DELICIOUS this smells even before you brew it. The whole time you are thinking "It can't possibly taste like real cake!" but then you take your first sip and your mind is blown. This tea hardly requires any sweetening despite its lack of sugar. It is delicate and wonderful like biting into a piece of perfect white cake with a rich creamy frosting only to have it melt into your mouth. Forget getting fat eating cake, just drink this instead! –Umbreona
I'm not much of a white tea girl (I generally prefer oolongs) but I think this might be the best tea I've ever had!!! You can really taste the "caramel notes of roasted chestnut" and it's soooooo smooth!! I practically guzzled my entire first mug! –Christina Hope Loflin
Very disappointed in this after reading the reviews and description. Perhaps I prepared it poorly, but it did not have the wedding cake flavor I expected. Will not order again. –Tami Hannon
A good dessert tea. It smells like maple syrup, but the taste is more nutty & not so sweet. And it's named after a Billy Idol song ;) –Christy Jenevein
I save this tea for when I need something exquisite and beautiful to drink. It takes a bit of time to brew at just the right temperature, but oh so well worth it! To me, it has subtle chocolate tones, perhaps that's the chestnut. Totally indulgent, very wonderful. –Enid Keyes