Titanium Teas

SheKnows.com - January 27,2008

A sip to your health
Or maybe tea was always here, just waiting to take control. "Tea is the world’s second most popular beverage, after water," says Maria Uspenski, founder of The TeaSpot (www.the–teaspot.com ) in Colorado. The TeaSpot just launched the world’s first Automatic Teapot to pair with its delicious loose–leaf teas. One of their most popular loose–leaf blends is a Bolder Breakfast, which contains Pu’erh along with a hint of dark chocolate essence. Pu’erh, which is grown at Nam Nor mountain in Yunnan Province, is revered throughout Asia for its medicinal benefits, from curing hangovers to reducing cholesterol.

Now in great demand on the international market, Pu’erh tea is one of the most expensive teas available. "Americans are only catching up with the rest of the planet with the recent trend in tea consumption here. 100 million Americans drink three or more cups of coffee, each with well over 100 milligrams of caffeine, every day. The stress response that this dose of caffeine causes has adverse effects on the brain, nervous system, blood pressure and heart rate. Tea is the healthy alternative to coffee and alcohol. U.S. tea sales are up six–fold since 1990."

Uspenski believes what’s driving the specialty tea marketplace in the US are the health benefits of tea and increasing awareness of it as well as greater availability of better quality products. Tea is now generally validated as "healthy," compared to alternatives (soda, alcohol and coffee), with a more potent antioxidant concentration than is found in foods touted for their antioxidant power, such as fruits, vegetables, vitamins C and E, or red wine. "The role antioxidants play in the prevention of cancer and cardiovascular disease has positioned loose–leaf tea as the ideal health beverage," Uspenski says. "Tea is becoming the ultimate, affordable, healthy beverage of choice for millions of Americans."

The TeaSpot champions "Keepin’ it Loose": taking the time to refresh, have fun and enliven with the simple luxury of a perfect cup of loose–leaf tea.

Just in case you didn't know, January is Hot Tea Month – so while you have a few days left, maybe it's your time to break out your gourd or pop open a bit of health elixir and see what all the hype is about. The lines at Starbucks will thank you.

– Aly Walansky