The Tea Spot debuts Steep and Chill, get 20% off by ordering before July 4

Denver Examiner - June 30,2010

The Steep and Chill is a product  for tea drinkers who want to steep loose tea for iced tea and chill the tea without diluting a single drop of it. The Tea Spot's Steep and Chill allows you to steep loose leaf tea then chill it in the same pitcher without adding ice or cold water.

Making iced tea from loose leaf tea can be a big hassle. To make it turn out right, one has to remove the tea leaves before the tea over steeps. This often means that we must decant the tea from the teapot through a tea strainer and into a pitcher. Then to get it cold and keep it cold, we must add ice. While we can compensate for the added water from the melted ice by doubling the amount of tea we use, this can often result in bitter tasting tea. It can be hard to guess just how much tea you need in order to compensate.

The Steep and Chill, however, is an elegant modern iced tea maker with a borosilicate glass body. .It comes with a large infuser basket and a solid ice tube freezer core. The infuser is roomy enough to let loose-leaf tea unfurl and expand to release all its flavor. All components are dishwasher safe and BPA free. It makes one quart of loose-leaf gourmet tea.

Here is how to use it.

  1. Fill the freezer core with ice and place it in the freezer.
  2. Place your loose leaves in the infuser and attach it to the lid.
  3. Pour hot water in the pitcher.
  4. Place the infuser in the pitcher and allow to steep in the hot water.
  5. Remove infuser after steeping, place lid on top and put in the refrigerator until ready to serve.
  6. Upon serving attach freezer core to lid. The freezer core will keep the iced tea cold longer.

The Tea Spot's sales manager, Andrea Doenges, stated, “We previewed the Steep & Chill at the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas two weeks ago with overwhelming response, resulting in pre-orders that will be shipping this week across the US & Canada. The timing couldn’t be better for this hot summer release.”

The Steep and Chill comes in three colors, as you can see in the photograph above; black, lemon meringue, and Clementine. The suggested retail price is $44.95, but if you order now through July 4, you will get a 20% discount bringing the price to $35.96.

Margaret Studer Tea Examiner