The Tea Spot's Mod Teapot Debuts &#45 Making Loose Leaf Tea an Everyday Luxury

World Market Media - September 22,2011

The Tea Spot is a philanthropic tea company, whose mission is to foster wellness by making loose leaf tea an everyday luxury. As the newest product addition to The Tea Spot’s line of Steepware®, the Mod Teapot presents a stylish, easy, and affordable way to make loose tea.

The Tea Spot debuts the latest addition to their award-winning line of Steepware® - the Mod Teapot - at their online tea store today. The Tea Spot’s Steepware® products make it easy for today's savvy tea drinkers to prepare a gourmet cup of loose leaf tea. Infusing the loose tea experience with modern technology and design, Steepware® products bring convenience to the quality and integrity of full leaf tea. A contemporary infuser teapot design, the Mod Teapot will be featured in three classic colors - Ivory, Turquoise and Black. It retails for $39.95 and is available at

The Tea Spot’s tea specialist, Bo Olson, states "The Mod Teapot's elegant design makes it not only an attractive figure in a home kitchen, but also lends itself well to foodservice use. The sturdy handcrafted ceramic material this pot is made from is completely dishwasher-safe, and its large-volume infuser allows for quick and easy cleaning."

This 20 oz ceramic teapot with infuser makes two generous servings of any tea, from tea bags to the fullest loose leaf teas. It has a large volume fine-mesh stainless steel tea infuser, giving ample room for tea leaves to unfurl, and a wooden handle to avoid hot contact. Tea bags will brew equally well in this teapot; the tags of tea bags can drape outside through the notch in the Mod Teapot’s rim with the infuser basket removed, and tagless tea bags are made compatible by using the infuser basket while brewing. The ergonomic design of the Mod Teapot features a silicone seal to secure the lid while pouring as well as a dripless spout to prevent drips and spatters. Adding to its understated elegance, inside the teapot is The Tea Spot’s signature spiral design element, which represents an unfurling tea leaf. The Mod Teapot is designed by The Tea Spot and manufactured in Thailand of high quality stoneware ceramic.